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Step into the ultimate Aldarra gaming experience with the Aldarra Ultimate Game Bundle. This all-inclusive package offers everything you need for an immersive and dynamic tabletop battle set in the world of Sordane! It contains everything from the Aldarra Complete Game Bundle but it also has our limited Elixir Liquid Core Dice for the most premium gaming experience!

The bundle kicks off with the Aldarra Core Game Box, a fast-paced 4x combat-focused strategy game featuring 152 finely detailed miniatures and endless tactical possibilities. 

Expand your horizons with the Savage Skies Expansion Box, adding 72 new miniatures and two unique factions to diversify your gameplay and challenge your strategic thinking.

Enhance your game with the limited edition Kickstarter Upgrades Box (Quantities limited), which includes extra Sordalite dice, miniature versions of base game components and tokens to enrich your gaming sessions. 

The final addition to this bundle is the Premium Metal Coin Set, offering 68 metal coins for a more immersive in-game economy.

As an added icing to the cake you'll also receive the Kickstarter Limited Edition Box Sleeves (Quantities limited) to keep your game boxes in pristine condition.

The Aldarra Ultimate Game Bundle is your ultimate completionist solution for a comprehensive and engaging gaming experience, offering a blend of strategy, combat, and exploration in the rich and intricate world of Aldarra.

Included Products

  • Aldarra Base Game
  • Savage Skies Expansion
  • Kickstarter Upgrades Box
  • Premium Metal Coin Set
  • Premium Game Box Sleeves
  • Elixir Liquid Core Dice

Aldarra Core Game Box Components Includes:

  • 1 Aldarra Rulebook
  • 4 Player Dashboards
  • 4 Player Stronghold Tiles
  • 16 Player Order Tokens
  • 4 Player Victory Point Tokens
  • 4 Player Turn Order Tokens
  • 49 Map Tiles
  • 25 Sordalite Crystals
  • 60 Secondary Objective Cards
  • 75 Explore Cards
  • 64 Discovery Cards
  • 40 - 1 Piece Coins
  • 16 - 5 Piece Coins
  • 12 - 10 Piece Coins
  • 8 Blue Sordalite Dice
  • 8 Green Sordalite Dice
  • 6 Pink Sordalite Dice
  • 1 Game Tracker Board
  • 46 Explored Tokens
  • 7x Red Arrodan Syndicate Unit Cards
  • 3x Red Arrodan Syndicate Dreadnoughts
  • 5x Red Arrodan Syndicate Cruisers 
  • 5x Red Arrodan Syndicate Destroyers 
  • 6x Red Arrodan Syndicate Engineers 
  • 10x Red Arrodan Syndicate Frigates 
  • 7x Blue Cin'darian Empire Unit Cards
  • 3x Blue Cin'darian Empire Dreadnoughts
  • 5x Blue Cin'darian Empire Cruisers 
  • 5x Blue Cin'darian Empire Destroyers 
  • 6x Blue Cin'darian Empire Engineers 
  • 10x Blue Cin'darian Empire Frigates 
  • 7x Yellow Odarian Empire Unit Cards
  • 3x Yellow Odarian Empire Dreadnoughts
  • 5x Yellow Odarian Empire Cruisers 
  • 5x Yellow Odarian Empire Destroyers 
  • 6x Yellow Odarian Empire Engineers 
  • 10x Yellow Odarian Empire Frigates 
  • 7x Brown Mining Corp. Coalition Unit Cards
  • 3x Brown Mining Corp. Coalition Dreadnoughts
  • 5x Brown Mining Corp. Coalition Cruisers 
  • 5x Brown Mining Corp. Coalition Destroyers 
  • 6x Brown Mining Corp. Coalition Engineers 
  • 10x Brown Mining Corp. Coalition Frigates

Aldarra Expansion Box - Savage Skies Components Includes:

  • 1 Savage Skies Expansion Rulebook
  • 2 Player Dashboards
  • 2 Player Stronghold Tiles
  • 8 Player Order Tokens
  • 2 Player Victory Point Tokens
  • 2 Player Turn Order Tokens
  • 20 Map Tiles
  • 10 Sordalite Crystals
  • 34 Secondary Objective Cards
  • 35 Explore Cards
  • 32 Discovery Cards
  • 1 - 6 Player Game Tracker Board
  • 17 Explored Tokens
  • 7x Purple Cuthari Hivemind Unit Cards
  • 3x Purple Cuthari Hivemind Dreadnoughts
  • 5x Purple Cuthari Hivemind Cruisers 
  • 5x Purple Cuthari Hivemind Destroyers 
  • 6x Purple Cuthari Hivemind Engineers 
  • 10x Purple Cuthari Hivemind Frigates 
  • 7x Green Sky Tamers Unit Cards
  • 3x Green Sky Tamers Dreadnoughts
  • 5x Green Sky Tamers Cruisers 
  • 5x Green Sky Tamers Destroyers 
  • 6x Green Sky Tamers Engineers 
  • 10x Green Sky Tamers Frigates 

Limited Edition Kickstarter Upgrades Box Includes:

  • 6 Player Turn Order Miniatures
  • 24 Player Order Token Miniatures
  • 6 Victory Point Tracker Token Miniatures 
  • 8 Blue Sordalite Dice
  • 8 Green Sordalite Dice
  • 6 Pink Sordalite Dice
  • 35 Sordalite Crystal Miniatures

Premium Metal Coin Set Includes:

  • 40 Copper Colored "1" Piece Metal Coins
  • 16 Silver Colored "5" Piece Metal Coins
  • 12 Gold Colored "10" Piece Metal Coins
  • 1 Cloth Bag (Purple, Blue or Black)

Elixir Liquid Core Dice Includes:

  • 8 Green Liquid Core Dice
  • 6 Pink Liquid Core Dice
  • 8 Blue Liquid Core Dice


Watch Some Gameplay! 

Aldarra is a fast-paced 4x strategy game. Out manneuvre, battle, and strategize your opponents!

In this video you will see the use of the core and expansion boxes to bring 6 players together for all out war and battle on the tabletop! Fast paced and non-stop!

Check it out here!


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