Airship Campaigns - Hardcover Book + Digital PDF

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Airship Campaigns - Hardcover Book + Digital PDF

Airship Campaigns - Hardcover Book + Digital PDF


Airship Campaigns - Hardcover Book + Digital PDF


    Airship Campaigns is a hardcover book supplement for running your own 5e airship campaigns. Packed with art, lore, creatures, airships, and magic items. We provide you with all of the resources and rulesets you need to run an airship campaign of your own!

    • 220 pages of 5e content for running airship campaigns.
    • Fully illustrated creatures with lore and stat blocks.
    • Unique new magic items with a Sordane flare.
    • Lore of Sordane and the people that inhabit it.
    • Rules and guides on how to run an airship campaign.
    • Stats for all of our original airships to be used in 5e.

    From the Kickstarter:

    You also get the PDF version of this book (a value of $30) in this bundle!

    Customer Reviews

    Based on 7 reviews
    Allen Bernstein
    Stop thinking and just by this book

    No really, I bought this book because I wanted to add airship mechanics to my homebrew D&D 5E campaigns. This book give so much more then startover-jammer and is better written. Plus, all the extra stat blocks with minis you can print make it well worth it. If you war looking to add skyships to your games, this is the book for you. Plus, their settings is spectacular as well, and I will be incorporating aspects of it into my multiple campaigns.

    So ya, if you are on the fence at all, don't be and just hit Add to cart, checkout and you will not be disappointed.

    -Haven the Hare
    Professional Game Master

    It's fantastic!

    The resources, the detail, the art, the whole package, it inspires the imagination and I am definitely using these materials in all my different game groups

    Finn-Jonas Kross

    Airship Campaigns - Hardcover Book + Digital PDF Bundle

    Joshua Garien
    An incredible 5e resource!

    Airship Campaigns by Arcane Minis is a fantastic resource. Not only does it provide an amazing campaign setting of its own, it provides invaluable airship resources for other 5e campaign settings, such as Eberron, Ravnica, Taldorei, Wildemount, and your own custom world. This is a must have and they have a digital copy available on Alchemy RPG.

    Beauty and Brilliance

    I had been searching for an Airship world in the 5e Universe... Airship Campaigns (AC) answered my call in the first book, this 2nd book took it to another level! This has been one of my favorite Kickstarter projects and continues to impress.
    I promise I'm no shill, I never write reviews unless I feel strongly about a work. When I say Beauty and Brilliance I refer to the hundreds of 5e/RPG-related material I've read and purchased. Sometimes the material is well thought out but the illustrations are lacking or the other end of the spectrum, pretty but no depth. Airship Campaigns is a marriage of form and function.
    I only received the digital copy in the first iteration, I had to get the physical copy and it did not disappoint. Eye-popping illustrations of both the ships and the creatures on par with WotC products (maybe even better).
    The writing is superb, the mechanics were well-tested, the worldbuilding was brilliantly presented without overreaching or restricting.
    I have a number of Sordane stories loaded in Foundry, I may even print a few of their .stl's and play in person.
    I've only run a few encounters but my players love it.
    Well Done Arcane Minis... Going to love soaring through those Sordane Skies.

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